Vive Ut Vivas

Vive Ut Vivas

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We all are either caught up in regretting the mistakes of yesterday or constantly on our toes because of the worries and anxieties about tomorrow. So caught up in these motions, we forget that tomorrow becomes today, which eventually becomes yesterday. 

We are letting the idea that draws clear lines between the days control us; we focus on that more than on ourselves and the moments in between.

Live. Give yourself a break - and a chance - so you may live. 

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300GSM matte paper

A5 Mini - 193mm by 140mm (slightly smaller than A5)

A4 - 210mm by 297mm

A3 - 297mm by 420mm

All of endllxly pieces are brush-lettered by hand, scanned in and then printed on 300GSM matte white paper. Mini prints and A5 mini pieces are all hand-cut.

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