Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain

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Rain, rain… go away, come again another day? Why ask a creation from Mother Nature to leave when we could, instead, be admiring its beauty?

More than that, it is a reminder from the Universe to not let bad days get us down. Rainbows and clear days always come after a storm, no matter how bad it gets. There are better days waiting for you, so don't dwell too long on what you think is not a good day.

So yes, rain, rain, you are more than welcome to stay. For I know that after storms again come even more beautiful days. 

This is an original writing by Ellialyn. 

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300GSM matte paper

A5 Mini - 193mm by 140mm (slightly smaller than A5)

A4 - 210mm by 297mm

A3 - 297mm by 420mm

All of endllxly pieces are brush-lettered by hand, scanned in and then printed on 300GSM matte white paper. Mini prints and A5 mini pieces are all hand-cut.

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