Perfect For Beginners: Brush Lettering With endllxly Kit (Physical)

Perfect For Beginners: Brush Lettering With endllxly Kit (Physical)


As I picked up brush lettering on my own, it took a lot of patience and discipline to practise the basics. It is the same for everything else, be it dance or sports or even babies’ milestones, a solid begin-from-the-first-step foundation is always the way to go. It is on this belief that I created the Brush Lettering With endllxly Kit - with focus on breaking down words into alphabets and alphabets into strokes.

The Brush Lettering Kit is perfect for anyone who is new to brush lettering or is looking to pick up a new hobby. The guidesheets are accompanied with a video that goes through the basics strokes, the alphabets, in both lowercase and uppercase, and some practice words.

We have the option of getting the Physical Kit, which comes with a set of guidesheets, one brush pen and one bottle of Chinese ink, or the Digital Kit, if we don’t need the brush pen and Chinese ink.

Physical Kit:

- One set of guidesheets

- One brush pen

- One bottle of Chinese ink 

Digital Kit:

- Guidesheets

- Video

Guidesheets are broken down into 4 sections:

1. Basic strokes

2. Lowercase alphabets

3. Uppercase alphabets

4. Practice words 

The 45-minutes long video covers all 4 sections. 

The link to download the guidesheets and video will be emailed to you after your purchase. 

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