October - Digital Download


I know I am a week late but HELLO AND HAPPY OCTOBER! We have officially started the last quarter of the year but it still feels like September to me… because I haven’t changed my phone’s wallpaper (which is last month’s calendar download) lol.


Download link: DESKTOP + LAPTOP | MOBILE

Things usually get a little bit more hectic towards the end of the year and it usually begins in September. It is a month of birthdays; four of my closest friends have birthdays within a week of each other (as in 12 September to 19 September). And it is also when I am more occupied with preparing for year-end art markets and booths.

The last weekend was spent with Public Garden, which made my weekend really fun and fulfilling. I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who dropped by and brought home with you a piece of endllxly! Thank you for supporting your small local creative business! On behalf of other small local creative businesses, thank you! Your support really means a lot to us - and we (again, on behalf of the others, although nobody asked lol) hope that you love everything you got!

Thank you, again, because I can never say it enough. Thank you!

Alright, moving on…

July is one of my favorite months because it is when I feel like the mood begins shifting? It always feels like it is when everyone begins realising that a whole six months have passed - even though our internal momentum have only just started picking up.

For me, at least, it is when I am done adjusting to the flow of things, when I have settled in, when my engine really begins revving up. I know I get started late but I have always been on the slower side of things, so…

It could also be because July is my birthday month aka the month of my solar return (yes, astrology). Birthday months are personal months, you know, because it is when we get our annual dose of refreshing and recharging and everything just feels great and fluffy! But that could also just be me, lol.

But yea, something shifts the moment July begins and it becomes even more apparent the moment October hits. October is my second favorite month because autumn is my favorite season! Actually, I love the three months from October to December! I know there is no sweater weather in Singapore, no fallen red and orange and brown leaves scattered over the ground… but I love it. The weather does turn chilly, though, and it rains often. You should know by now that I am a huge lover of gloomy days - the more gloomy, the better!

And to think that already a week of October has gone by us, just like that… Can you actually believe that we are already counting down to the end of the year, which also means that we are already counting down to the start of the next year?

The cycle of endings and beginnings, I find as confusing as it is fascinating. Time, if I am being honest, never really made much sense to me. It does provide structure, though, to the otherwise blurred lines between each sunrise and each sunset, which I suppose is helpful for the way we are living today. But the way endings and beginnings bleed into each other and the way we make time work for us, I find interesting and puzzling.

Oh well! September has been an eventful month and I am looking forward to what October may bring! I know I have much to look forward to at the end of the month - because I am finally going on my second solo vacation! More than the travelling itself, I am excited about getting inspired (by the change in environment) and about spending quality time with myself!

Ending it off with a song that I have been obsessed with:

I hope you have a good rest of the month and until the next time, cheers!

With so much love,