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"Hi, I am Ellia and I write with a brush!"

endllxly is inspired by how we just endlessly are - who, what, how and why.
It is inspired by how we are constantly learning and growing. 

Ellialyn (read: yee-leah-lyn) first came across brush lettering in late 2013. Captivated by the raw textures that a brush creates, she started practising what she knew then only as writing with a brush.

After a few months with a brush, some ink (before "oh my gosh, I forgot that Chinese ink exists!", it was mixing black acrylic paint and water) and daily practise, she started Ellia Writes.

Ellia Writes, now known as endllxly, revolves around Ellialyn's love for writing: 1) with a brush and 2) to express herself. Her brush lettering pieces feature her original writings. And if not, she will make sure to clarify it. She is recognised for her bold black-and-white pieces, presented in her one-of-a-kind brush lettering style. She has recently started exploring with colors.

Besides having brush lettering art prints and paper goods for sale, Ellialyn also offers other services:

  • Workshops 
  • Live Writing Events 
  • Customisation 

Contact Ellialyn at for more details.